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I guess if you're still reading this, then you must be at least somewhat interested in where on earth I'm going with all these words. Well, you asked for it, so you're going to get at little paragraph about me. Yes, suffer.

I'm just an everyday girl who doesn't really seem to fit into anything. I decided around Christmas 2012 that, although I don't want to be an artist as I grow older, I would at least like to have art that's decent to look at, and I've been practising ever since. Cats are my life, especially cheetahs. I have a terrible feeling I'm going to end up like that crazy old cat lady in the Simpsons when I grow old, But I don't care. eue Cats are too adorable to resist.
Although I'm only a teenager now, when I'm older, I hope to either work in a forest helping to sustain the eco system there, or as a big cat conservationist, preferably cheetahs. But right now, I'm stuck in my house typing this. Oh well.

My Probably Somewhat Offensive Stamps

Veggie Stamp by SanaquaKilling for mindless consumption is not humane by GalaxuStop Animal Testing Stamp by wihtHunting Is Murder Stamp by Romtorum5everAnti-Fur stamp by Scattered-StampsDA Stamp - Taxidermy 01 by tppgraphicsSocialism Stamp by kevisBaby is a Term of Endearment by OurHandOfSorrow:Gay Rights: by Minty-HippoQuaker Stamp by northernlightsmlpAsexual Stamp by sunbirdsAnti-Gun Stamp by RJDaaeAnimal encyclopedias.. by Monster-Boar*|.Cheetah Stamp.|* by AzureGriffinI love Moggies by WishmasterAlchemistI love African Wild Dogs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Coyotes by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemistI love Dholes by WishmasterAlchemistI love White Wagtails by WishmasterAlchemistLiterate Roleplay Stamp by AngelKittahDA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphicsCritique My Work Stamp by SparkLumAsking Alexandria by hafootAlesana Stamp by AlanaxUchihaBreaking Benjamin Stamp by LuxDaniThree Days Grace Stamp by LuxDaniKagamine Rin and Len Stamp by FantasyAshleyI Love Forests Stamp by RiNymph-StockI'm dreaming of snow... by PixieRiotLost in my imagination... by PixieRiotLoner by ManicStampsEngland Stamp by l8



Ahhh, I've known Bay for years. We met on Moshi Monsters (Stop laughing) after I sent her a message asking if she liked Warriors because I saw one of her other posts about it somewhere else, if I remember correctly (*Gasp for breath* That was a huge sentence of gosh where have my English skills gone?). She's the best friend I've ever had, and I most certainly don't deserve her. Always willing to listen to my vents so patiently and helps as best as she can. I couldn't ask for someone better <3 Plus, I wouldn't have found DA without her, so I owe her big time. Without DA, that means I would never had met any of my other wonderful friends, or discovered RPing; which is now my life pfft.

But seriously, she's a fantastic friend, and anyone reading this should go pay her a visit. Her art is amazing for her age. <3

Best Buddies <3


The Bros


Online friends stamp by Suyy

Because My Other Box Ran Out D:

Fandom Stamps

Warriors Stamp by GoldencloudLion King by Jenya88Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutanDisney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwlerWatership Down stamp by WolfrottGone Series Stamp by Dapper-RabbitPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceWolf's Rain Stamp 2 by Schmidty13Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil Stamp by Coco2204PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerDeath Note Stamp by BusirisFull Metal Alchemist Stamp by xnekomataxSpirit x Rain stamp by GryphoniaSoul Eater - Stamp by KizushikDangan Ronpa Stamp by RyxedieosLorax Stamp by Anti-Dark-HeartHunger Games Stamp by Jt-Clrk

My Fictional Bros

Leon Kuwata by Annie-LeonhartByakuya Togami by Annie-LeonhartGenocider Syo by Annie-LeonhartAoi Asahina by Annie-LeonhartSakura Oogami by Annie-LeonhartKazuichi Souda Stamp by BirdinatorNagito Komaeda Stamp by BirdinatorIbuki Mioda Stamp by BirdinatorGundam Tanaka Stamp by Birdinator Toboe Stamp by foxyadderDrake Merwin Stamp by FuzzyfinxCaine Soren Stamp by FuzzyfinxStamp: Kagamine by OsirisMaruNuka Stamp by StampAGVitani fan stamp by Konyhyuga-samaFrozen- Hans's eyes stamp by RijogepaFrozen: Anna Stamp by DIA-TLOAArmin Stamp by RevivalSnKLevi stamp by SuperpluplushL Stamp by ShinyObject01Soul Eater - Kid Stamp by CometTheMicroraptorGreed-Ler Stamp by ParamourxLightsPeeta Mellark by Ellexon

Le box


RP Tracker

:bulletgreen: Ongoing
:bulletorange: On hold (Haven't replied in over two weeks from either sides)
:bulletwhite: Planning
:bulletpink: My turn to reply
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Chozi | Aceofstars16 :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Kijini | Shireling-Archer :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Ndoto | Solis-Starweaver :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Farashuu | XxTrinity4xX :bulletorange: :bulletred:
Yamile | Laurel3aby :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Shetani | koolkat4321 :bulletgreen: :bulletred:


Kejeli | kakister :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:
Makini | NinjaEspy :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Farashuu | XxTrinity4xX :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Kafil | Kyarako :bulletwhite: :bulletpink:
Shetani | koolkat4321 :bulletorange: :bulletred:


Nguvu | Kastien | :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Wakali | SnowRose9201 | :bulletorange: :bulletpink:
Kiburi | GingerFlight | :bulletwhite:


Eileen | FameTheGame :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:
Zenobia | eliza1star :bulletorange: :bulletred:
Alyss | KeiraxStorm :bulletorange: :bulletred:
Chisuzu | Halfy2212 :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:
Zeke | AngelShadowRena :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Auri | DarkNDonuts :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Sandalius | lNSPlRE :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Koosa | Equidae-Dream :bulletwhite: :bulletpink:
Eryx | Baerrito :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Arrun | paperfleece :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Algernon | Silvadil :bulletgreen: :bulletred:


Hannibal / Nia | Baerrito / rrath :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Elsah | Vulpede :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Soren | Kounix :bulletwhite: :bulletred:
Damon | Alphaheart :bulletwhite:
Oberon | petit--loup :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Yuki | FameTheGame :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Sanibel | sailinq :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Yvaine | iDawnDusk :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Thresh | Sargeant-Knoxx :bulletgreen: :bulletred:
Kyra | Alphaheart :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

Hacked <33


A few words for Ninja

//clears throat ehem
I'd like to begin by saying YOU ARE THE BOMB NINJA
Up above is our fursona's making obnoxious noises and meows pfft Who knows what they're saying or why they're doing it. Maybe Kaki is really excited to be a hacker and it surprises Acacia, or something like that ahaha. OH oh, maybe she's meowing continuously and Acacia is just yelling in harmony with her meows. BUT KAKI IS A FOX SO WHAT?? The world may never know pfft. Also, I felt really bad about ruining the custom box PFFT it was the "Current obsession" one and i was just like ";O;". BUT HEY BACK TO THE MAIN POINT.

Ninja girl, i have to say that i usually don't make that many internet friends. But this wasn't even a choice, it just sorta happened and its made me so happy to know you. I'm pretty sure our friendship started with an RP, though I'm not sure which one it was. I think it was a UkimyaXVumbi one?? Hmm, i honestly can't remember but WHATEVER, i'm just glad we started talking again. Well actually...I bet we would've become friends anyways after we our Kemijeli rp and plot and all that stuff pfft THERES NO AVOIDING THIS FRIENDSHIP

But the moral of it all is that i'm just so happy to have you in my life! Like...I feel like internet friends transcend normal friendships because you can't really judge each other based on your voice or looks. It all your personality and your emotions come out during chats and such, so when internet people become friends with each other, its usually a pure relationship full of fun and no fake drama that I have in real life. With internet friends, your personality really shines through every insecure part of yourself, even if it's your personality that you're insecure about. All that matters are the words you say and type. I'm just amazed how nice it is to have a friend like you, Ninja! There's no stressful drama and I can just be myself when we talk. I have so much fun to be honest and Internet friends like you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. If I ever need to escape the hardships of real life, I can just roll onto skype and find you guys. (Especially you pfft)

Ok ok, i'm really messy with everything but I'm gonna talk about how we met again. You posted a poll or journal or something about getting a skype and I bet I was like "omg cooool" so naturally, I sent you formal and semi-shy contact request. "It's Kaki ;;u;; I'm so glad you got a skype! Would you mind if I added you?" AND AREN'T I GLAD THAT I DID! Geez, what would've happened if you never got skype? I doubt we would've talked very much because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to replying to messages on DA. And then you were all like "LOL cool icon bro" and then i was like "oh thank bruh" but not much happened in the beginning. (Can i also mention that we talked about pixels and i said i sucked at them but SCREW YOU PAST KAKI LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO NOW //LAFFS) But anyways, I just noticed that you haven't changed your icon once in the whole year that you've had Skype. PFFT but hey, Mchanga never gets old <33 Ok so I'm reading our first conversation and laughing at it because I said "The last time I stayed up until 3 was like…last summer XD" LIKE WOW UM THATS WOW HMM (I totally lied because I'm a night owl but you didn't know that pfft) -- OHHHH We started talking because of the coalition admin tryout and everything. Then we started gossiping about TGB because I'm really conflicted about it and you were in it. I remember being jealous PFFT I wanted back in really bad and watching people get in so easily was just like ";O;" BUT I don't really care anymore ahaha

Our first convos were boringgg, ahah. On a similar note, I'm so glad that I sent that request and we started talking. You have helped me out so much more than you know ahh. The advice you give me usually helps out quite a bit, which is the best. More than anything, returning the friendship to you is so much fun as well. Hacking your page and pixeling you cute things makes me so happy because I know the person receiving the gift will hopefully be just as happy as they made me. (Reading the hack you did on my page literally made me so happy. I wanted to print out all those kind words and frame it and put it on my wall so I can always cheer up. Like when i read it, i was just so happy and loved it so much pfft. Especially that last gif at the end. )

ALSO IM BLESSED WITH KEMIJELI. Not only is it an awesome ship, but I really think it brought us closer than we would've been. Plus, I trust you so much bro. My proof is that one rp that we did at the hot springs. (Heheheh Anyone who reads this will be clueless muhahah) but Anyways, I'm really bad at telling you how great of a friend you are and how I can't think of a life without such a friend as yourself. You're always there to listen to my stupid problems and rants, so always remember that i'll be here for you too.

OH NO I BROKE THE BOX ;;3;; i'm sorry ninja whoops but i have more to say so you'll have an ugly box until you remove it PFFT I'm finding all these gifs i want to put on here now, but I don't want to take up too much space. But onto another thing, you are one of the nicest people that I have ever met. I'm not just saying that, I //really mean it// like serious bro. I'm surrounded by nice people a lot, but you are the kind of nice that has a really gentle way of putting things and always seem to know the right thing to say. I feel like people take advantage of your kindness and you have no idea how much i just want to kick them off a cliff. With you, I feel like i have a true friend that cares ahh. It's nice to know that there's always someone out there for me, even if my friends here in KY aren't.

Hehheh, also, my close friends that I go to school with are jealous that I have internet friends. It makes me laugh but at the same time value you and katty and espy all the much more. It makes me step back and realize that in one scenario, I might've not met you or any of the gang. That would've sucked pfft I would've been a loser on DA who just floods her gallery with ship art and cheetahs. But now that I have you, we can be losers together. //rolls around happily


Not to mention you're not only nice to people, but animals. I remember that time a couple weeks ago when you found a bird and tried to save it. Was it's name...Cookie Dough? I don't remember but I never knew you were so into helping animals. Well, after seeing your stamps and everything, it probably would've been an easy guess. But still! Your compassion goes beyond just your friends and that is such a good trait to have. ;3; Never lose that, because all those animals that you're going to save need it <33 AHFJD You even stand up for what you think is right, without hesitation. Like when you told someone not to bash someone's beliefs and everyone kinda ganged up on you, but that's okay! You stood for what was right even when you knew that other people would find flaws. That takes a lot of courage!

ok real talk time- You are so fun to chat with pfft I swear, no matter what mood I'm in, you can make me laugh. From these documentaries you read, fun facts, funny gifs, or just talking about something. Arg, talking with you never gets boring. I get distracted a lot but so many things when we talk though pfft I'm so sorry. orz There's a funny thing, I always try to get on the computer before 5 p.m. now because that like the...last hour. (Pfft it sounds so dramatic) But I always want to jump on and chat with you, even if it's only for a few minutes |D

OK OK I should really wrap this up because i'm making this box really ugly and probably making your page more uneven IM SO SORRY AHH But all in all, I'd give you a rating of 10/10 on the friend chart. You the best, Ninja <33 Just keep being you and making lovely art and being a great friend and writing like a pro and being an amazing human being ;u;

K den bye - Hacked by kakister

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Art Status

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Art I Owe

Paw Bullet Dark Brown (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre RussianBlues Paid ~ Icon by OtomeNishiki
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I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte

Art I'm Owed

Paw Bullet Purple (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Baerrito - Trade

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Find me on Lioden, under the same name, NinjaCheetah

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Journals dolls created by SkittyStrawberries, Nikkkii, DlRECTOR, mossaroo and Infinis

Pictures by st0lensanity, iDawnDusk and Raven-loon

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Cat Bros

Hawkfrost Stamp by VampsStockSandstorm Stamp by VampsStockCrowfeather Stamp by VampsStockWhitestorm Stamp by VampsStockTallstar Stamp by VampsStockFeathertail Stamp by VampsStockSquirrelflight Stamp by VampsStockSnowkit Stamp by VampsStockMothwing Stamp by VampsStockBrackenfur Stamp by VampsStockBirchfall Stamp by VampsStockSorreltail Stamp by VampsStockBerrynose Stamp by VampsStockLongtail Stamp by VampsStockIvypool Stamp by VampsStockDustpelt Stamp by VampsStockCloudtail Stamp by VampsStockWhitewing Stamp by VampsStockSpiderleg Stamp by VampsStockGorsepaw Stamp by VampsStockFoxleap Stamp by VampsStock


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